The Indianapolis Prize

Since 2005, we’ve had the opportunity to tell the stories of the incredible animal conservationists who have been nominated for the Indianapolis Prize. We’ll be posting the stories of all of the finalists for the award in the coming weeks. In the mean time, learn more about the Prize here and watch this trailer for the 2010 award featuring that year’s finalists and the recipient, elephant biologist, Dr. Iain Douglas-Hamilton.

The Collector - Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Rats.  We just realized that we did not make the finals for the Doritos Crash the SuperBowl Contest. Go to their site to vote for the finalists.  Here’s one more look at our spots, (including the ALT version and the web content) starring Kipp Normand and Nikki Sutton.

The Alternate Ending…

The Extended Web Intro…

Director: Matt Mays
Writer: Ken Honeywell, Welldone Marketing
DP: Bill Baker, Hi Def Pictures